Photographic and video production: on-location, studio, full chroma-key(green screen) studio, animation and post-production optimization.

Our world is textured by images. We seize life frame by frame.


Creative concepts and strategies brought to life in photography, print, video, multimedia and digital (mobile and computer apps) and conference booth design and fabrication.

“If it’s thinkable then it’s doable.” No challenge is too big, too wild or too crazy

Event Architects

Theme, concept, management and production of special events for business, sales meetings, conferences and special milestones. Turn-key event production, audio, video, multimedia direction and production.

Ciné-Cast’s live productions are not only an application of tools to materials but the expression of an adventure of the soul.

Founder and Creative Director

Anthony is the ring leader. He is the visionary behind Ciné-Cast. Anything he touches comes to life in the most unusual way. Once he makes you see the world through his rainbow coloured lens, nothing will ever be the same.

The CineCast Team

THE BACKBONE OF CINÉ-CAST. The Ciné-Cast Family is the Yin to Anthony’s Yang. Each member brings a different skill set and perspective to the table to ensure that no stone is left unturned. Even with its diverse and sometimes eccentric personalities, the Family lives in balance and harmony. You can always rest assured that there are no missed steps, only successful events!

CineCast Inc.

641 rue McCaffrey, St. Laurent, Quebec, H4T 1N3